The power of imagination makes us infinite.
~John Muir

I occasionally offer non-therapy workshops that are open to the public. These events are not counseling or therapy, but rather, small-group creative activities. When is the last time you played, explored a new idea or created something with your hands?

The goal of these workshops is pleasure and creativity in a small group setting. Some people may notice themselves giving more attention to their inner life. For some participants this opens a door for developing a sense of community with other creative seekers.

Learn more about my upcoming workshops.

SoulCollage® Workshops: Discover the world of SoulCollage®–the pleasures of relaxed intuitive play as you create collages using the language of images.

Reel Conversations: Come and explore relationships and the complexities of being human through the movies. Currently we are exploring the masculine, the feminine and the choice of destiny or fate in the movie Arrival, and synchronicity, play and the “making of a brave man” in the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Book Group: Join us for stimulating conversation around books and the doors they open into another world. Coming soon!

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